Roller-flex architectural coating is used for color changes, trims and bands. Roller-flex is perfectly compatible with Master Wall finishes.

Elasto-flex is our elastomeric coating. It dries to a flat finish and bridges minor hairline cracks in stucco or other approved substrates.

Primecoat primer is used to equalize finish absorption and provide a color background under Stone Finishes, Master Wall® Base Coats and Stuccos.

Vintique is used to accent the finishes for an old-world antique look.

ReCote Master Wall® ReCote™ is an acrylic textured coating specifically formulated for direct application to masonry, concrete and tilt-up concrete panels.    ReCote™ is specifically designed for application with texture spray equipment but may also be applied with a brush or roller.

Clearshield is a crystal clear penetrating sealer and protectant for Master Wall finishes. Clearshield applies easily over new or old EIFS & Stucco acrylic finishes and increases the dirt pickup resistance of finishes, protects the surface from UV deterioration and is vapor permeable. Clearshield may deepen the intensity of some dark colors.

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