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New Technical Bulletin – Tight House Syndrome

Master Wall Inc.® has an new technical bulletin about building better and tighter homes. Is it a good thing or a future problem?  Learn more here.

New Product – Wood Grain CI
Master Wall Inc.® is proud to announce Wood Grain CI faux wood finish. Wood Grain CI is a unique finishing system that incorporates either Travertine or Marbleflex Finish, Roller-flex Glaze and Clearshield Protective finish.

It looks like wood but is easy to apply, maintains the lamina without breaks and keeps the continuous insulation that EIFS is known for. Learn more here.

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New Product – Taratex

Taratex finish recreates the look of aged earth plaster with the durability of an acrylic finish. The hand-troweled finish can be drawn smooth or left raw for a more earthly look.  Samples can be ordered through our corporate office. Learn more here.

New Product – Quick Dry
Quick Dry is a finish accelerant for Master Wall® Superior & Superior Elastomeric Plus Finishes. Designed for cooler conditions it also helps to harden the finish and inhibit the growth of mildew. Learn more here.

New Product – Savannah Finish
New Savannah Finish replaces our Level Cote and Level Cote VPlaster finishes. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, Savannah easily creates unique tonal qualities with two thin coats. Savannah can be topcoated with our Metallic Cote, Clearshield or Vintique to create custom accents.

Attached is the current data sheet. Here’s the link to the web page with videos and photos.

We’ve also updated our Metallic Cote finish to reflect the use of Savannah as the leveling coat here.

Painted Surfaces Technical Bulletin

Bonding to a painted surface is complicated. Most manufacturers shy away from making any recommendations for painted surfaces while others offer magic bonding agents while noting that the warranty ends where the paint begins.

The concern is that there are so many types and qualities of paints that can be applied to a surface it’s near impossible to make generalized recommendations and no, manufacturers aren’t going to warrant the paint bond. So is there a way to check the paint bond and quality before you begin any application?

This bulletin outlines a recommended technique for checking bond quality, paint type and checking adhesion of Master Wall products. It’s comprehensive but all the testing isn’t sophisticated and is easy to understand. There’s a checklist at the end so you can perform the tests and send them to us for commentary.

Learn more here.

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