Division 7 Systems

07 00 00 Thermal and Moisture Protection

Master Wall Inc.® Division 7 Systems feature the state-of-the-art in building protection and thermal insulation. Our Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) feature continuous insulation to meet current energy code requirements. The continuous insulation applied to the exterior of the building reduces thermal heat loss or gain significantly, especially at framing locations.

Our revolutionary Rollershield Drainage EIFS features our Rollershield Liquid Applied Air/Water Barrier. The Rollershield covers the exterior sheathing or substrate with an eco-friendly low VOC acrylic that covers 100% of the building. It features excellent water holdout in a breathable barrier with notched trowel adhesive drainage channels.

All our Drainage EIFS feature a minimum 90% drainage efficiency. These systems are designed to drain incidental water that occasionally enters behind the EIFS lamina. Specific drainage rates are noted on the system data sheets.

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07 24 00 Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems

07 24 13 Polymer-Based Exterior Insulation and Finish System

Aggre-flex EIFS is a Class PB (Polymer Based) Exterior Insulation and Finish System is the tried and true barrier type commercial wall cladding. It’s an economical alternative to drainage EIFS and can be adhered or mechanically attached to approved substrates.

07 24 19 Water-Drainage Exterior Insulation and Finish

Rollershield Drainage CIFS® is our premier Class PB (Polymer Based) Drainage EIFS applied over a roll-applied air/water barrier (Rollershield). The system is applied using Master Wall® components and features a single source warranty for the air/water barrier and system.

Aggre-flex Drainage EIFS is a mechanically attached Class PB (Polymer Based) applied over a code-approved water barrier and an approved substrate. This system offers several drainage cavity options including flat insulation board, drainage insulation board or a variety of drainage spacers up to and including Delta® Dry rainscreens.

QRW1 Drainage EIFS is a durable drainage system made for residential & light commercial construction. Its large insulation boards install easily and quickly over an approved water barrier. QRW1 may also use optional vent spacers or drainage mats for improved drainage.

07 24 23 Direct-Applied Finish Systems

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07 25 00 Weather Barriers

07 27 00 Air Barriers

07 27 26 Fluid-Applied Membrane Air Barriers

The Rollershield LAB Liquid-applied Air/Water Barrier system works under all claddings that require a secondary water barrier including stone, brick, stucco and Master Wall EIFS. The fluid-applied barrier material can be rolled, sprayed or troweled onto approved substrates. The durable acrylic-based low VOC coating offers a breathable low air permeability barrier with excellent water holdout.

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