Plastic accessories are used as an alternate to backwrapping Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

  • Eliminates backwrapping
  • Drainage versions available
  • UV Resistant
  • Good bonding surface for sealants

Aggre-flex EIFS
Aggre-flex Drainage EIFS
QRW1 Drainage EIFS
Rollershield Drainage CIFS®

Product Information

Packaging: Typically 10′ lengths

Weight: Varies

Typical Widths: 3/4″ to 4″ (19-102 mm)

VOC: Vinyl Chloride Monomer

Manufacture Locations: verify with manufacturer


Amico Building Products 800-366-2642

Plastic Components 800-327-7077

Vinyl Corp. 800-648-4695

Wind-Lock 800-872-5625

Product Test Standards
ASTM D1784, ASTM C1063, ASTM D4216, May not be suitable for non-combustible construction assemblies.

Application Procedure

  1. EIFS accessories shall be erected true to line (allowable tolerance of ¼” in 10′ (6.4 mm in 3.05m), level, plumb, squared or curved.
  2. Casing beads at grade (drainage or non-drainage) shall be placed not less than 1″ (25 mm) below the joint formed by the foundation and framing and placed not less than 6″ (152 mm) above raw earth or 2″ (51 mm) above paved surfaces.
  3. Drainage systems shall have the weather-resistive barrier lapped into the casing bead.
  4. Attach accessories to the substrate in such a manner as to ensure proper alignment during the application of the EIFS. Accessories shall be secured at not more than 16″ (406 mm) centers for non-nailable substrates and 8″ (203 mm) on center for nailable.
  5. Seal all butt joints, intersections, ends and corners at time of installation using an elastomeric sealant. Allow silicone-based sealant to fully cure before proceeding with insulation board application.

Place casing bead to allow for proper sealant joint width, typically 1/2″ (13 mm).

For drainage systems place sealant joint behind drain holes.

Manufacturer Starter Track w/drip Starter Track Casing Bead Drip Edges Vents
Amico AMSS100-16 AMST Series* AMSTA Series* AMST Series AMWDE Series AMFBSVE Series
Plastic Components iDT Series*, STDE Series, CB-L Series, CBWP-L Series* VST Series, STWP Series*, ST Series VST Series, STWP Series*, ST Series, CB Series, CBWP Series* SB Series, WDA Series 548 Series, F548 Series, SMV Series
Vinyl Corp. CBS-D Series, DCBS Series*, CBS-DWF Series*, DCBSV Series* CBS-WF Series*, CBS-WB Series* PRE Series, CBS Series CBS-DWF Series*, DCBSV Series* ADCV Series, DCV Series, FDCV Series, DC/CS Series, CBS Series
Wind-Lock WSTDE Series* UST Series* WST Series, WSTWP Series* WEMT Series WSV Series
*Drainage Holes

Additional Information

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