SuperiorShield DV Roll is a lightweight corrugated plastic designed for use where drainage or venting is required without the use of heavy plastic accessories. DV Roll can be used with backwrapped application techniques in Master Wall® Systems and as part of a compartmentalized venting assembly.

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2.8” x 50’ (71mm x 15.2 m) roll

5 rolls/bundle – 250’ (76m)

6 bundles/box – 1500’ (457m)

Application Procedure

General—The substrate must be clean, dry, structurally sound and free of efflorescence, oil, grease, form release agents and curing compounds.

Job Conditions – Air and substrate temperature for application of the DV Roll should be 40°F (5°C) or higher and must remain 40°F (5°C) or higher for a minimum of 24 hours if EIFS or stucco operations are planned after installation.

Temporary Protection – Must be provided at all times until the wall system, including flashings, caps, and sealants, is completed to provide protection from climatic conditions and other potential damage.

Installation – Apply DV Roll where required such as at the building foundation line, window and door heads, etc. At foundations apply over a water barrier that is lapped over the foundation at least 1” (25 mm). Attach DV Roll with either a single part polyurethane; Sonolastic® NP1™, Sikaflex® One Part Polyurethane, Tremco Vulkem Polyurethane Sealant or similar product or use nails/staples. Secure at approximately 12” (305 mm) centers. Butt any individual pieces of DV Roll where it occurs.

Backwrap mesh can be attached through the DV Roll.

For adhesively applied EIFS, do not apply adhesive over the DV Roll as it will cause irregularities in the wall. Depending upon wall conditions the insulation board may need to be routed on the backside to lessen irregularities.

DV Roll is combustible and may not be appropriate for fire rated assemblies.

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