Monday Mornings with Master Wall®

Welcome to Monday Mornings with Master Wall, Live with Grant and Brian!  This is designed as a live experience of about a half-hour featuring either hot topics or guest interviews.  This happens every Monday at 10:30 am Eastern Time.  Please feel free to sign up here.

Grant Smithwick, Master Wall® National Sales Manager

Brian Conroy, Master Wall® Northeast Sales Manager

Previous Shows

July 13, Buck Buchanan

With is many years of experience within the EIFS industry, Buck Buchanan gives us an insight on how to industry has evolved over the years and what the future holds. He now runs a consulting firm that helps businesses takes to be successful within their industries.

June 29, Mark Fowler with the Stucco Manufacturers Association (SMA)

Mark Fowler joins us in this episode to discuss how the SMA (Stucco Manufacturers Association) is helping manufacturing across the country to educate how to properly install stucco. Click the link below for more information on the work they are doing.

June 22, Scott Robinson with the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA)

Scott Robinson with EIMA explains how EIMA services the EIFS industry and its manufacturers with their association. To join EIMA, click on the link below and explore all the ways that they can help you on your next project.

June 15, Chris Little with Clark-Dietrich

On this week’s episode, we sit down with Chris Little of Clark Dietrich as he discusses the metal lath that they carry and the services that they can help provide.

June 8, Craig Wetmore with York Flashings

Joining us this week is Craig Wetmore. With his many years of experience within the flashings industry, his expertise is shared on how important using the proper flashing is when it comes to construction with EIFS.

June 1, Dale Nehls with QUIKRETE®

Dale Nehls, National Sales Manager for QUIKRETE® Stucco joins us to talk about their stucco products and our joint warranty program for their preblended stucco.

May 18, John Chamberlin with Georgia-Pacific Building Products

John Chamberlin of Georgia-Pacific joins the show to talk about their DensElement® Barrier System and Dens Glass Gold® wall products along with discussing the value of partnerships.

May 11th, Laverne Dalgleish with ABAA

Executive Director Laverne Dalgleish of the Air Barrier Association of America visits to explore the benefits of air barriers in wall assemblies.  We explore why these are needed and how air barriers have revolutionized our construction industry.

May 4th, James Connaughton with Dow Chemicals

Grant and Brian did deep into the chemical makeup of materials with guest James Connaughton, a chemist with Dow Chemicals.  Quality chemicals are needed in Master Wall® products and Dow is one of our most favored partners involved in the manufacture of our products.

April 27, Steve Smithwick

Founder and President Steve Smithwick discusses the beginnings of Master Wall®, our Mission Statement and our Culture of Excellence.  It isn’t easy running one of the last American-owned and privately held stucco businesses and he shares his insights about our 33-year history.

April 20, Plastic Components/with Herman Guevara

Guest visitor and “Industry Personality” Herman Guevara of Plastic Components joints Grant and Brian to discuss the benefits and options for plastic trims in our EIFS and Stucco Systems.

April 13, Finishing Options for EIFS and Stucco

We explore all the finishes available for EIFS, and it doesn’t have to look like stucco any more!