SuperiorShield WeatherSTOP Tapes are a peel and stick type flashing with self-sealing properties and a polyester scrim facing designed for use with Master Wall® Systems.


  • Butyl adhesive for superior adhesion to common building materials
  • Primerless self-adhering membrane– saves labor & material costs
  • Fabric facer designed for use with Rollershield either above or below the tape surface
  • Master Wall® adhesives will adhere to WeatherSTOP Tape
  • Cross laminated poly interlayer for tear resistance
  • AAMA 711-20 compliant for self-adhered membranes
  • Self seals around nails•Air & water tight seal
  • Non-staining, contains no asphalt

SuperiorShield WeatherSTOP Tape is a self-adhering 32 mil composite membrane that provides a superior barrier to limit air and moisture transmission. Composed of tough high density polyester fabric, it adheres to other SupepriorShield products (Rollershield/WeatherSTOP/SuperiorFlash/etc.) either to the face or adhering to other products. The butyl adhesive has the waterproofing effectiveness of traditional modified bitumen products, while introducing a novel combination of low temperature adhesion, high temperature stability, and a much more aggressive adhesion level. The release liner removes easily for quicker installation.

WeatherSTOP Tape is used to prevent vapor & air transmission through Master Wall® Systems, masonry, curtain walls, construction joints and fittings, and around doors and windows. Acceptable surfaces include plywood, lumber, precast concrete, exterior gypsum, OSB, PVC window flanges, metal, and concrete block. WeatherSTOP Tape may be applied over Rollershield and SuperiorFlash products, and they may be applied over WeatherSTOP Tape.

WeatherSTOP Tapes are available in the following size rolls:

4″x75′ (10.2cm x 22.9m) 9 rolls/box
6″x75′ (15.2cm x 22.9m) 6 rolls/box
12″x75′ (30.5cm x 22.9m) 3 rolls/box

Thickness: 32 mils
Vapor Impermeable <1 perm
Application Temperature: 10°-100°F (-12°-38°C)
Service Range: -30°-200°F (-34°-93°C)


  • Master Wall® SuperiorFlash
  • Master Wall® Rollershield with/without Rollershield Flashing Tape
  • Master Builders Solutions MasterSeal NP1
  • Sika Silaflex 15 LM
  • Sika Silaflex-2C NS
  • Tremco Dymonic 100

All surfaces must be clean, dry, & smooth. Structural concrete should be cured a minimum of 7 days.

Cut WeatherSTOP Tape into manageable lengths. Remove the release liner. Apply membrane from the lowest point upward, butting horizontal edges (edges cannot overlap) & covering with sealant or air barrier. Self-adhering membranes must be rolled with a suitable hard roller to ensure the entire
membrane is pressed firmly into the substrate. Apply either Rollershield, SuperiorFlash or a one-part polyurethane sealant to all termination top edges, laps, cuts, and penetrations.  Please reference Installation Instructions.

  • WeatherSTOP Tape should be adhered to a dry and clean substrate when air and surface temperatures are above 10ºF. When applying WeatherSTOP Tape in ambient temperatures below 40ºF, store at room temperature until use and confirm temperatures are not steadily dropping to avoid frost formation.
  • WeatherSTOP Tape must not be left permanently exposed and must be covered within 180 days of installation. Do not apply the membrane to a substrate that has absorbed water.
  • Repairs of the membrane must use WeatherSTOP Tape to cover the hole at least 6” in all directions from the edge of the hole & remove the drainage material from the original area.
  • Membrane must be protected after installation to prevent damage.


  • Some caulks containing high levels of hydrocarbons and/or plasticizers may be incompatible with the adhesive in WeatherSTOP Tape. Check with the sealant manufacturer or your local Master Wall® representative.
  • WeatherSTOP Tape is a vapor barrier. The dew point must be engineered if it is used as a continuous air/water barrier.


  • Exterior gypsum sheathing (ASTM C1396)
  • Glass Fiber Exterior Sheathing (ASTM C1177) – Dens Glass Gold®, GlasRoc®, FiberBond®, Gold Bond e2xp®, etc.
  • Cement Board Substrates – Durock®, PermaBase®, ProTEC®, SelectCrete, Util-A-Crete®, etc.
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Masonry
  • Exterior Plywood
  • Oriented Strand Board
  • Lumber
  • PVC window flanges
  • Metal
  • Rollershield
  • SuperiorFlash
  • Master Wall® Base Coats
  • Others approved in writing

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