ICF Coating System The Best Choice for ICF Walls

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are constructed with insulation boards on the inside and outside. Nothing could be easier than coating the insulation board with Master Wall®.

Simplified Construction

As a siding option, the installation of Master Wall® coatings over ICF’s is an easy choice. Forms with buried ties work better than exposed ties, that require an additional layer of insulation board. The Certified Master Wall Independent Applicator rasps the ICF insulation board to level minor irregularities. Master Wall Mesh, Base Coat and Finish complete the job. Finally, a qualified sealant contractor seals windows, doors and other openings in the wall.

System installation from exterior to substrate:


Superior Finishes

Master Wall Base Coat

F&M Base Coat

MBB Base Coat

Reinforcing Mesh

Aggre-flex Mesh