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Master Wall Inc.® Division 9 Systems feature durability with many design options. Our versatile Cemplaster Fiberstucco can be applied thinly like One Coat Stuccos (OCS) or in traditional stucco thickness. Plus it carries a manufacturer warranty up to 20 years and manufacturer design assistance.

We feature a variety of direct applied finish options including applications over cement board, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), soffit systems or interiors. Our finishes may be applied directly over traditional stucco as well.

09 24 00 Cement Plastering

09 24 23 Cement Stucco

Versatile Cemplaster Fiberstucco is traditional stucco reformulated for modern building requirements. The system can be designed with continuous insulation to meet energy codes. Advance air sealing using our Rollershield air/water barrier is another option. Even the stucco itself can be improved with our Stucco Ad-Liquid.

09 25 13 Acrylic Plastering

09 24 00 Cement Plastering

09 25 13.13 Acrylic Plaster Finish

07 24 23 Direct-Applied Exterior Finish Systems

Cement board is a high strength, durable material. Master Wall® Stucco Cement Board Coatings add a decorative finish to the boards. While the application can be used on larger buildings, the primary benefit of Stucco Cement Board Coatings is smaller projects where it’s difficult to use either stucco or EIFS..

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are constructed with insulation board forms on the inside and outside. Master Wall® ICF Coatings are a highly decorative and durable choice for finishing the wall.as.

Master Wall® Uninsulated Finish (UF) System is the easy way to add decorative finishes to concrete, brick or masonry walls. Also known as a Direct-applied Exterior Finish System (DEFS) or Exterior Finish System (EFS), this decorative finish application uses a leveling base coat, optional mesh and one of our Superior Finishes.

Master Wall® Superior Finishes applied over a traditional stucco base is a low cost great looking option. The application can also be upgraded with our Superior Elastomeric Plus textured finish and Primecoat Primer.

Easily applied, upscale and economical, the Master Wall Inc.® Soffit System makes any project look great. It applies easily over most substrates including glass fiber gypsum boards or exterior soffit boards.

Master Wall® ProTEC® and ProGUARD® Panel Coatings are an inexpensive and attractive finish for the T. Clear Corporation ProTEC® Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) or ProGUARD® insulated panels. The panels can be finished in any Master Wall® finish and the assembly provides high impact and weather resistance.

Decorative ReCote™ textured finish can be used over concrete tilt-up panels and offers a high-style low-cost alternative to simply painting the surface.

09 94 00 Decorative Finishing

09 94 13 Textured Interior Finishing

Use Master Wall® Interior Finish coatings on the interior of buildings for a high-style alternative to vinyl wall coverings or other decorative finishes. The finishes are Class-A fire rated and most are suitable for wet areas.

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