Cemplaster Fiberstucco Base 5

Sometimes you’re looking for a quality basic stucco system. This is exactly what you get with the Base 5 System. It’s a high quality ½” thick Cemplaster Fiberstucco with Primecoat Primer and our durable Superior Finish.

The specifications are edited for this application and will require little input and it comes with a 5-year labor/material type limited warranty.

Cemplaster Fiberstucco Mid 7

Mid 7 is an upgraded Base 5 with the same ½” thick Cemplaster Fiberstucco and Primecoat Primer. It uses our highly flexible Superior Elastomeric Plus finish for better flexibility and crack bridging properties.

Specifications are fully edited as well and it carries a 7-year labor material type limited warranty.

Cemplaster Fiberstucco Deluxe 10

Deluxe 10 takes the most popular components of a stucco system with consideration for value. The ½” thick Cemplaster Fiberstucco is modified with Stucco Ad-Liquid for improve crack resistance and better compressive and tensile strength. A leveling base coat of WeatherStop for Stucco and Mesh fine tunes the surface and adds additional reinforcement. WeatherStop is our waterproof stucco base coat. Primecoat Primer and Superior Elastomeric Plus finish complete the application.

 As with the other systems, the specifications are fully edited and defined. Deluxe 10 has a 10-year labor/material type limited warranty.

Cemplaster Fiberstucco

Master Wall Inc.® Cemplaster Fiberstucco is the industry’s first comprehensive warranted stucco. With warranties available up to 20 years, Cemplaster Fiberstucco offers architects the advantage of adding improved performance components such as Rollershield Air/Water Barrier, Continuous Insulation, Rainscreen options, Stucco Ad-Liquid stucco modifiers, leveling base coats (including waterproof) and elastomeric finishes. Let us design a custom stucco system for you.

 The full system specification is exactly that. Architects can edit the components as needed and design their own system.

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