Applicator Certificate Request

Quality installations are important for our entire industry. Master Wall encourages distributors to promote certification with their applicators. Of course, holding a certificate doesn’t mean the applicator is an expert in the installation of our products, but it does verify that they have met the minimum requirements to receive a product warranty on their project.

Master Wall has extensive product literature available both in printed form and on our web site. We also offer training seminars through sponsoring distributors. These comprehensive seminars include nearly all aspects of the installation from specifications to critical installation details.

An applicator certificate request is required to receive an applicator certificate. As a minimum, applicators should receive product literature, but attending a seminar or reviewing our training is preferred. Applicators can complete the form below for immediate submittal or submit completed forms (at right) to their local distributor for processing.

Upon review and acceptance we will issue an applicator certificate valid for two years. Certificates along with any warranty requests will be sent to the sponsoring distributor.

Additional Information & Forms