Specialty Coatings

Specialty products are our business.  Beautiful ReCote™ has a long history of being used over brick buildings but can be used to beautify other masonry and concrete surfaces as well.  Our Vintique antiquing glaze accents our finishes to create a beautiful old-world look.  Clearshield coating protects the surface and adds extra highlights. Our Brick Finish system looks like brick, but it’s much lighter and can be used on top of our continuously insulated systems and stucco.

Our specialty Roller-flex coating is used for color changes and highlighting small areas of the building and carries the same Master Wall warranty as the system.  Elasto-flex is our elastomeric coating designed to bridge minor hairline cracks common in stucco.


Master Wall Superior Finishes and architectural coatings are available in 64 standard colors but we’re a custom color business. Please contact your local distributor if you need anything special. We often match popular paint colors along with most competitors’ colors. ReCote™ is available in 64 standard colors only.

The colors shown are flat patterns and all colors are approximate. Do not use this screen as the final selection as colors are affected by age, texture, lighting conditions, heat and application processes. Color swatches will vary in color and finish to the actual product due to jobsite conditions and methods of application. Actual color selection should be made from a 1’x1′ sample of each color, texture and finish made by the applicator that is actually completing the project.

Old Boral Brick PastelCote™ and ReCote™ colors are listed below.  These are for tinting ReCote™ only and colors are approximate.

Architects, find RGB and HSL color values here.

Light Reflectance Values for standard colors here

Standard Colors

Custom Colors Available

ReCote and Old PastelCote Colors

Available for ReCote only