continuous-insulationMaster Wall® Insulation Board is a high performance insulation material that is used to wrap the entire building to keep interior temperatures more consistent.  It helps to reduce thermal bridging at framing members and is easy to cut, rasp and place.  It may be custom formed into various decorative shapes.  Packaged in 144 board foot bundles, each bundle weights approximately 12 lbs (5.44 kg) and is available in flat or drainage configurations.

Application Procedure

Job Conditions – Follow directions on adhesive data sheets.  Mechanical attachment of insulation boards may be performed at lower temperatures over a dry surface.

Temporary Protection – Provide temporary and permanent protection to prevent water entry behind the system.

Substrate Preparation – Applications must be to an approved substrate with a maximum variation tolerance of 1/4 in in 10 ft (6.4 mm in 3.05m).  Contact Master Wall® for approved substrates and recommended attachment  methods.

Application – The Insulation Board can be easily cut using handsaws, power saws, sharp knives, or thermal cutting tools.  Rasping of the Insulation Board is completed with 12 grit sandpaper, manually or with air or electric rasping machines.

Follow data sheet recommendations for adhering insulation board to approved substrates.  For mechanical attachment, fasten the Insulation Board to the approved substrate using Wind-Lock Wind-Devil 2 retainers.  See Master Wall® System Details for more information.  Fastening patterns shall be determined by the requirements of the geographical conditions of the area, local code requirements, and the performance of the fasteners, retainers and their test results in conjunction with the specified substrate and the thickness of MEPS specified for use.  Minimum 1 in (25.2 mm)   thickness for mechanically attached systems.

Install insulation board on the wall according to specification requirements.  For further information and details, see the Master Wall® System Application Instructions.


The minimum required thickness for MEPS in the Master Wall Aggre-flex PB EIF System is ¾ in (19.2 mm) at anylocation on the wall.

The maximum thickness for MEPS is 4 in (102 mm) as set by most building code agencies.

Insulation Board shall not be used in interior applications.

Residential applications require a secondary water barrier and mechanical attachment with the option of flat or drainage insulation board.  See Aggre-flex Drainage Details for insulation board construction.

Available Options

Insulation Type Density
(pcf, minimum)
R-Value(U-Value) @75F (9C) R-Value
(U-Value) @40F (4C)
Standard Type I 0.90 3.6 (0.28) 4.0 (0.25)
Special Type II 1.35 4.0 (0.25) 4.6 (0.22)
Special Type VIII 1.15 3.8 (0.26) 4.2 (0.24)

Approved Suppliers for Master Wall® EPS


ACH Foam Technologies

Amvic Inc.

Atlas EPS, Division of Atlas Roofing Corp.

Avilite Corporation

Benchmark Foam Inc.

Carpenter Insulation Company

Cellofoam North America, Inc.

Dain Co., LTD – Korea

DiversiFoam Products

Drew Foam

Drew Foam of Arkansas

Drew Foam of Tennessee



Georgia Foam

Hendren Plastics Inc.

Henry Products, Inc.

Insulation Corporation of America

Insulfoam LLC

Northwest Foam Products, Inc.

Perma “R” Products, Inc.

Plasti-Fab Ltd.

Polar Industries, Inc.

Poliestireno Alfa Gamma, SA de CV

Poly Molding LLC

Powerfoam Insulation

Prowall Building Products

Thermal Foams Inc.

Shelter Enterprises Inc.

StarRfoam Manufacturing Inc.

Tri State Foam