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Light Reflectance Values

Questions to ponder while you read our revised Technical Bulletin:

Do you know what makes Master Wall Superior Finishes hot?  It’s not that they’re just that good…the sun makes them hot.

Do you know what doesn’t like heat?  Insulation board.  Surprise, the magic insulator has a relatively low melting point.

Last Question:  Who designs really dark buildings that melt insulation like a marshmallow in hot chocolate?  Unknowing architects.

This month’s bulletin covers the concerns with dark colors.

Master Wall Inc.® EIMA Announcement

Please see the important announcement from Steve Smithwick of Master Wall® and a press release from EIMA!

After 30 years we’ve come a long way and are still large enough to meet your needs, but small enough to remember your name.

EIMA’s Master Wall Project Spotlight!

Aggre-stone and Superior Stone
Master Wall Inc.® has updated our Aggre-stone and Superior Stone data sheets. The changes focused on the application of these products where we focused on the trowel application and eliminated the spray application. Typically the majority of applications used the trowel application method.

If spraying, please feel free to contact us for the latest techniques.

Huber Zip System

Master Wall Inc.® has updated our data sheet for the application of our systems over Huber Zip System. The Zip wall system is unique in that it performs as a structural sheathing and an air/water barrier. Once it is sealed our systems apply over the surface but in some instances they require either grooved insulation board or drainage mat to maintain their warranty.  Learn more here.

New Technical Bulletin – Tight House Syndrome

Master Wall Inc.® has an new technical bulletin about building better and tighter homes. Is it a good thing or a future problem?  Learn more here.

New Product – Wood Grain CIFS®
Master Wall Inc.® is proud to announce CIFS® Wood Grain finish, a unique finishing system that incorporates either Travertine or Plasterflex Finish, Roller-flex Glaze and Clearshield Protective finish.

It looks like wood but is easy to apply, maintains the lamina without breaks and keeps the continuous insulation that EIFS is known for. Learn more here.

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