Drying Accelerator for Master Wall® Superior & Superior Elastomeric Plus Finishes

• Accelerates drying time by as much as 25%
• Allows projects to be completed faster
• Improves finish hardness and mar/scuff resistance
• Promotes strong adhesive bond to wall surface
• Inhibits growth of mildew
• For use in cool, moist climates


Superior Elastomeric Plus

VOC: <0.005% by Weight
Manufacture Locations:
30058 • 77474 • 84651


4 oz (118 ml) vial packaged 24 Vials/Case
Shelf Life: 2 years

Application Procedure

1. Follow the mixing instructions for Master Wall Inc. Superior and Superior Elastomeric Plus Finishes. Thoroughly mix in all tints prior to adding Quick Dry.
2. Pour the vial of Quick Dry into the mixed finish and remix. For color consistency add Quick Dry to all pails as needed to go from corner-to-corner.
3. Dry times will vary depending on weather temperature and relative humidity.



Ambient and surface temperature must be 40°F (4.4°C) or higher during application and curing time. Provide supplemental heat and protection from precipitation as needed. An Acrylic or Elastomeric Finish that the Quick Dry has been added to should be tightly sealed during storage to avoid setting up in the pail. This product contains ammonia, mix in a well ventilated area and wear an approved respirator, protective glasses, and gloves. Reference the SDS sheet for specific safety instructions.


Water-soluble prior to drying. Clean tools and containers with water before mixture sets.

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