Stucco Cement Board Coatings – All Season Durability

Stucco Cement Board Coatings are applied over a high strength water-managed ASTM C-1325 or C-1186 cement board. The application provides high impact and weather resistance where exterior insulation value is not required.

Easier Application

The cement board installs easily over approved framing and substrates using one of two methods: -Over an approved structural sheathing in conditioned northern climates. -Directly to structurally controlled framing in southern climates (below 4000 Heating Degree Days) or unconditioned northern climates.

Specifications should list a water barrier and approved structural/fire-resistant sheathing in the appropriate sections. The Certified Master Wall® Independent Applicator applies the stucco cement board, trim pieces where indicated on the drawings followed by Master Wall base coat, Standard Mesh and Superior Finish.

The Certified Master Wall® Independent Applicator applies an initial layer of Master Wall Self-Adhesive Mesh at all cement board joints and corners with a skim coating of Master Wall® Base Coat. A full layer of Master Wall®Mesh, Base Coat and Finish complete the job.

Finally, a qualified sealant contractor seals windows, doors and other openings in the wall.

System installation from exterior to substrate:


Superior Finishes

Master Wall Base Coat

F&M Plus Base Coat

MBB Plus Base Coat

Reinforcing Mesh

Aggre-flex Mesh

Cement Board Mesh

(at cement board joints)

Common Options

Drainage Media

Rollershield LAB

Foam Shapes

Stucco Cement Board Coatings with Rollershield Air/Water Barrier