Superior Finishes over Stucco Rock Solid Reputation

Stucco has been around a long time. Master Wall® Inc.’s Superior Finishes improve the look of this time tested wall cladding.

The generic term “stucco” includes several variations including traditional three-coat stucco and Master Wall®acrylic modified stucco with improved strength and crack resistance. Common installations include the stucco, some reinforced foam trim aesthetic pieces and a Master Wall Superior Finish.

Traditional Choices

Stucco practices can vary by region, but basically include a water barrier and some type of metal reinforcement. Designers and specifiers should list ASTM C-926 and ASTM C-1063 as references, select specific installation practices and locate control joints accordingly. For professional results, the wall should be primed with Master Wall Primecoat followed by our Superior Finish. For extra durability specify Superior Elastomeric Finish – it’s designed to bridge the minor cracking that’s common to stucco.

New! WeatherStop for Stucco

• Protects the stucco, keeps it safe and dry.
• Dry stucco doesn’t support mold growth.
• Bridges minor hairline cracks, flexible.
• Levels the surface, makes the surface smooth for finishing.
• Highly effective air barrier, yet breathable.
• Can be used with Master Wall Mesh for even better crack resistance.
• Works with Master Wall Superior and Superior Elastomeric Plus textured finishes.

Don’t soak your stucco, WeatherStop it!

System installation from exterior to substrate:


Superior Finishes

Elastomeric Finish Option

Superior Elastomeric Plus Finish

Primer Option

Primecoat Primer

Sanded Primecoat Prime

Leveling Base Coat Option

F&M Base Coat

MBB Base Coat

Waterproof Base Coat Option

WeatherStop for Stucco

Reinforcing Mesh Option

Aggre-flex Mesh