Warranty Request

Master Wall® Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of labor & material warranties for most Master Wall® products and systems. Product warranties are often an important part of closing the project. Master Wall® is committed to producing quality products and systems with warranties.

We offer warranties for commercial and residential projects. The primary difference is the requirement of a code-approved secondary water barrier in residential construction.

Special warranties may also be available to meet certain project specifications or needs. However, we must approve any changes in writing before the project begins and may want to review the plans.

Warranty Process
With the exception of ReCote any warranted work must be performed by a certified applicator.

The Warranty Certificate Request Form must be filled out either electronically (preferred), emailed to tech@masterwall.com or faxed to Master Wall’s Technical Services (706-569-6704).

The form is sent to Master Wall® Inc.’s Regional Sales Representative for review.

Providing the Regional Sales Representative and Technical Services have no reasons to hold the warranty or add any exclusions to the Warranty, they each sign the Warranty Certificate Request Form and send it back for processing.

Warranties are issued for completed Warranty Certificate Request Forms and emailed to the local distributor for distribution. We do not send warranties directly to applicators or owners.

No extended warranties are offered without a specific “Intent to Warrant” letter prior to the job start. Please contact Technical Services for more information if needed.

Additional Information & Forms

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Warranty Request Form (PDF)