Accent Stucco Products – Specialized Performance

For builders or applicators specializing in stucco, Accent Stucco Products offer excellent specialized performance at a good price point.

Stucco is different than EIFS. Stucco is highly alkali and usually more absorptive compared to EIFS.  Surface conditions can range from a smooth to highly gritty.  We’ve formulated the Accent products for better performance over these conditions.

Accent Stucco Finish is available in popular Master Wall textures and all our standard colors. Formulated with 100% acrylics it performs better than the cheaper vinyl acrylics common to stucco finishes. It has superior alkali resistance and won’t re-emulsify when wet.

Base Coat & Adhesive is a dry mix high-performance, polymer-modified leveling base coat, foam trim adhesive for stucco. It mixes to a creamy consistency and levels well over the highly absorptive stucco surface.

Vise Adhesive is a pail base adhesive and base coat manufactured with high-grade aggregates and a pure acrylic emulsion binder. Field mixed with Portland cement it can be used as a leveling base coat or foam trim adhesive.

Hardcoat Mortar is a hard-cure dry mix, polymer-modified leveling base coat, foam trim adhesive and base coat for Portland cement stucco. Hardcoat Mortar mixes easily with water its creamy consistency helps true wall surfaces while providing additional weather protection.