Base Coats

Master Wall® Base Coats are formulated for use with our Master Wall® EIFS, Stucco and Direct Application Systems. They may also be used as an insulation adhesive for certain approved substrates.

Foam & Mesh Adhesive (F&M)

F&M is formulated with 100% acrylic polymers and mixed with Portland cement for a durable base coat and adhesive. Available in regular and quick set versions, convenient dry polymer MBB is freeze stable in dry form and is simply mixed with water at the job site to a smooth, creamy consistency. F&M Plus and MBB Plus are high build base coats, where leveling or additional thickness is desired. Waterproofing is the function of Guardian base coat.

Acrylic Base Coat

Master Wall® Inc.’s all acrylic base coats and adhesives are factory formulated and ready to use out of the pail.  When a non-cement base coat is specified use Expanded PolyStyrene Base (EPSB).


Master Wall Inc.® Cemplaster Fiberstucco is the industry’s first comprehensive warranted stucco. With warranties available up to 20 years, Cemplaster Fiberstucco offers architects the advantage of adding improved performance components such as Rollershield Air/Water Barrier, Continuous Insulation, Rainscreen options, Stucco Ad-Liquid stucco modifiers, leveling base coats (including waterproof) and elastomeric finishes. Let us design a custom stucco system for you.