Master Wall® Aggre-flex Mesh is a specially woven, glass fiber mesh with AR Coating (Alkali Resistive). Embedded in Master Wall® base coats, Aggre-flex Mesh is the key impact and tensile component in Master Wall® EIFS and wall systems. It can also improve crack resistance in Master Wall® Cemplaster Fiberstucco Systems, traditional
stucco or foam shapes.

Detail Mesh – super soft, pliable mesh used for backwrapping, special shapes, and detail work.
Standard Mesh–Standard weight mesh for wall areas and general detailing. Industry leading impact resistance.
Hi-Tech Mesh–Upgraded heavier weight version of Standard Mesh with good workability.
Medium Mesh–Extra tough heavy weight mesh. Best for areas of light traffic.
Strong Mesh–Great high traffic mesh where impacts are a consideration.*
Ultra Mesh–Best where abuse is expected. Ultra heavy for high traffic areas.*
Corner Roll– For highly impact resistant corners. Apply under Standard or higher mesh.

*Strong Mesh and Ultra Mesh must be used in a two-layer system.

ASTM D76, ASTM D578, ASTM D579, ASTM D1777, ASTM D3659, ASTM D3775, ASTM D3776, ASTM D4029,
ASTM D5035, ASTM E2098, ASTM E2486. MIL-Y-1140


Mesh Weight Roll Size Tensile (warp/fill) Coverage
Detail 4.5 oz/sy (113 g/sm) 9.5“ x 150’ (96.5cm x 45.7m) 140/150 119 sf (11 sm)
Standard 4.6 oz/sy (113 g/sm) 38 38“ x 150’ (96.5cm x 45.7m)

48 48″ x 150′ (122 cm x 45.7m)

140/150 38 475 sf (44.1 sm)

48 600 sf (55.7 sm)

Hi-Tech 6.0 oz/sy (202 g/sm) 48” x 150’ (121cm x 45.7m) 140/250 600 sf (55.7 sm)
Medium 12.0 oz/sy (313 g/sm) 38” x 75’ (96.5cm x 22.8m) 300/500 238 sf (22.1 sm)
Strong 15.4 oz/sy (508 g/sm) 38” x 75’ (96.5cm x 22.8m) 350/600 238 sf (22.1 sm)
Ultra 21.0 oz/sy (675 g/sm) 38” x 75’ (96.5cm x 22.8m) 750/500 238 sf (22.1 sm)
Corner Roll 9.5 oz/sy (238 g/sm) 9.5” x 150’ (96.5cm x 45.7m) 274/274 150 lf (45.7 m)

Allow about 10% waste for lapping all meshes (Strong, Ultra and Corner Roll Meshes are butted).  Coverage will vary.

Application Procedure

Job Conditions – Air and substrate temperature for application of the Reinforcing Mesh  must be 40°F (5°C) or higher and must remain 40°F (5°C) or higher for a minimum of 24 hours.  Provide temporary protection at all times until the wall system, including flashings, caps, and sealants, is completed to provide protection from climatic conditions and other potential damage.

Application – All imperfections in the insulation board must be rasped flush and any gaps in the insulation board must be filled with slivers of insulation.  Apply the base coat over the entire surface of the insulation board in a thickness greater than that of the Reinforcing Mesh being used, approximately 1/16” (1.6 mm) for Standard Mesh and 3/32” (2.4 mm) for Ultra Mesh.  Immediately embed the Aggre-flex Mesh into the wet base coat and smooth from the center to the edge to avoid wrinkles.  Lap all meshes except Strong Mesh and Ultra Mesh a minimum of 2-1/2” (63.5 mm) on all sides.  The reinforcing fabric must be continuous at all corners and lapped or abutted in accordance to Master Wall specifications.  The color of the mesh shall not be visible but a slight mesh pattern may be visible. The   overall minimum thickness of the base coat should be a nominal 1/16” (1.6 mm) when dry.

When applying Strong, Ultra or Corner Roll Mesh, tightly abut all edges and let cure for a  minimum of 12 hours.  Grind any imperfections with the edge of a stainless steel trowel or grinding stone, taking care not to damage the Aggre-flex Mesh, and apply a layer of Standard Mesh, Hi-Tech Mesh, or Medium Mesh as per the directions in the preceding paragraph. To minimize wall variations, the lap of the second mesh layer should not   coincide with the abutment of the first layer.

Special Conditions and Recommendations – Apply backwrapping mesh or other approved accessory at all terminations of the insulation board.  This includes at the top and bottom of all walls and at all openings.

Aggre-flex Mesh may be wrapped from the face of the insulation board onto a foundation or onto the studs of an opening on barrier wall systems.  In all cases, the  exposed edges of the insulation board must be wrapped with  Aggre-flex Mesh and base coat or an approved accessory trim.
Impact Results – ASTM E2486 (Formerly EIMA 101.86)

Standard Mesh Medium Impact Resistance 50-89 in-lbs (5.7-10.1J)
Hi-Tech Mesh Medium Impact Resistance 50-89 in-lbs (5.7-10.1J)
Medium Mesh Medium Impact Resistance 50-89 in-lbs (5.7-10.1J)
Medium and Standard Mesh High Impact Resistance 90-150 in-lbs (10.2-17.0J)
Strong and Standard Mesh High Impact Resistance 90-150 in-lbs (10.2-17.0J)
Ultra and Standard Mesh Ultra High Impact Resistance 150+ in-lbs (over17.0J)

Additional Information