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System Data Sheet

Submittal Pack – Long Form

Submittal Pack – Short Form

Submittal Pack – Dow Panelcore 20 XPS Insulation

Submittal Pack – OC Foamular 250 Planed XPS Insulation

Specifications – pdf

Specifications – Word

Custom Submittal Pack Request

Hurricane Systems Brochure

Huber Zip System® Recognition


Code Report – EIFS

Code Report – Rollershield

Florida Building Code 2017 FL20103-R1

Florida Building Code 2014 FL20103

Florida Building Code 2010 FL15743

Texas Department of Insurance EC-49

Miami Dade 19-1105.07 Small Missile

Miami Dade 19-1105.06 75psf L+S Missile

Miami Dade 17-0313.03 150 psf L+S Missile


10-Year Limited Warranty

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Details (Full)

Details with DV Roll

Details with Prewrap

Details with Internal Flashing

Cap Into Wall

Stone Transition

CAD Drawings

Sketchup Models

Special Details

SD001 Brick Weep & Flashing

SD002 EIFS to Brick

SD003 Flush Mounted Windows

SD004 Drainage Type Sill

SD005 CMU Application

SD006 Impact System Cut Away

SD007 Transition to a CMU Facade

Hurricane Assemblies

H110F1 Large/Small Missile

H70F2 Large/Small Missile

H75F5 Large/Small Missile

H75F6 Small Missile

H140C1 Large/Small Missile

Installation & Training


PROSOCO R-Guard® Applications

Rollershield Drainage over R-Guard® Cat 5®

About Cat 5®

Products Commonly used with Rollershield Drainage EIFS

Superior Finishes

F&M Base Coat

MBB Base Coat

Aggre-flex Mesh

Insulation Board

F&M Adhesive

MBB Adhesive

Rollershield LAB

Rollershield RS (Roll/Spray)

Rollershield TG (Trowel Grade)

Rollershield VB (Vapor Barrier)

Rollershield Flashing Tape

Rollershield Mesh

DV Roll

EIFS Plastic Accessories

Product Substitution Form

Product Substitution (pdf)

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