Rollershield Drainage CIFS®

Rollershield Drainage CIFS® (Continuous Insulation and Finish System) series offer comprehensive solutions to your building needs.

Award Winning Performance

Award winning hotel project featuring Superior Finishes and CIFS® Wood Grain. The benefit of CIFS® is the continuous insulation and water barrier while the finish can be customized to meet any look.

All CIFS® have the following qualities:

  • Polymer-based (Class PB) Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) blended components featuring 100% acrylic polymers for durability and meeting ASTM E2568, ASTM E2570 and ASTM E2273.
  • 20+ year service history
  • National Building Code compliance
  • NFPA 285 compliant
  • High performing Rollershield air and water barrier with excellent water holdout and class-leading air infiltration resistance.
  • 99% Drainage efficiency
  • Continuous Insulation
  • Insulation options to fit any performance need or budget.
  • Mesh options with Medium Impact Resistance as the gold standard,  50-89 in-lbs (5.7-10.1J) in ASTM E2486 (Formerly EIMA 101.86) testing
  • Superior Finishes in an endless variety of colors and four standard textures.
  • Specialty Finishes, CIFS® can look like almost any natural or metallic cladding – all with continuous insulation

CIFS® Standard – The Gold Standard

The original Rollershield Drainage System with all the options.  Learn more here.

CIFS® Horizons – Extended Warranties and Performance

Industry leading systems with warranties from 10 to 18 years!  Learn more here.

CIFS® Type X – Extruded Insulation Options

Extruded insulation offers additional R-value for your project.  CIFS Type X has the most popular DuPont® Styrofoam® and Owens Corning® Foamular® options.  Learn more here.

CIFS® TEA – Total Exterior Assurance

TEA features comprehensive building solution for your building inclusive of the sealants.  We feature Adfast sealants with the most color options in the building industry as well as custom color matching capability.  Additionally the Rollershield Drainage CIFS® limited warranty is extended to a 12-years and a 20-year for the sealants. Learn more here.

Additional Information

CIFS® Standard 

Basics and More

CIFS® Horizons

Extended Warranty Systems

CIFS® Type X

Extruded Insulation Board System


Total Exterior Assurance including Sealants

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